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Saturday, January 4th 2014. | cuisine
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deco cuisine peinture – Black and red kitchen ideas look great and fun with nice floor. The combination of red and black can deliver bold effect in the room. You can add supporting colors like neutral and light shades to break up the bold shade. The high contrast can deliver fabulous effect for your kitchen look glamorous and modern. The first thing do in black and red kitchen ideas is incorporating the look with a nice shade. You can go with basic white if you want to carry clean and fresh appearance. Your standard kitchen looks dramatic and fun with a hint of off white shade. If you want to enjoy dramatic shade, you can go with light yellow, pastel blue and orange. The cabinet and other pieces like drawer, shelves, and rich can be finished in red accents. Then you can infuse the black and white colors for defining the floor. You can pick nice pattern.

deco cuisine peinture

If you want to deliver the sophisticated feeling, you can pick for the floral printed ceramic tiles in black and white. The decorative items set on the cabinet can be made from white and black combo. For example, you can purchase black and white insert, decorative panels, plasters, cups, and glass. Choose the patterned of black and white colored tile if you want to bring bigger impression while spending time in the kitchen. The patterned tile can deliver wonderful appearance in black and red kitchen ideas. Many people love to enjoy a bold way in cooking room by selecting a beautiful red cabinet.

If your old and existing cabinet comes in white or black accents, it is a great time for you to adorn it with glossy red accent. You can bring the dramatic look by accenting the red cabinet with a hint of gloss black or silver accent. The cabinet should carry clean and superb lines. You need to perform wonderful maintenance so that your cabinet looks great all of time in black and red kitchen ideas. The appliances like pot, pans, dinnerware, and kitchen tools should be made in black accents. It can carry a nice contrasting effect in the red cabinet. Then you need to provide a cozy seating area in the kitchen. You can pick a red colored kitchen island.

If you do not have much cash to buy such island, you can set a simple table with some chairs. Then you can spread a red and white check table linen. The items like the place mat, pot holder, lamps shade, table cloth and tissue holder should come in black and red accents. If you want to add more colors in the black and red kitchen ideas, you can go with white colored cookie jars, stemware, vases and candlestick. You do not have to purchase the decorative items on the stores. You can have them sold in the second market and flea market for more affordable decorative black and red kitchen ideas. deco cuisine peinture…

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